Josu is PhD student focused on Maker technology and developing haptic devices. He has obtained a Bachelor degree in Electric & Electronic Engineering and a Master degree in Industrial Engineering, both at the Public University of Navarre. He specialized his studies in Project Management and Quality Engineering and participated in the international program European Project Semester in Hochschule Osnabrück (Germany) after receiving an ERASMUS scholarship.

He is co-founder of the engineering student association i2tec (Ingenieros por el Impulso de la Tecnología Electrónica y Computacional) with which has an extensive trajectory. Since its creation in 2017, they have transmitted curiosity about new technologies and disseminated scientific knowledge to new generations and the local community through electronics and computing events: Semana de la Electrónica, Arduino Day, Code Week and more.

In previous years he has worked at Fluitecnik, S.A. as Technical Department Engineer in technological surveillance, CE-certificate requirements, electrical installations and risk analysis.

Time to time, he is a STEM mentor of the Planetarium of Pamplona. He has been an organizer, teacher, speaker, and lately Robotics lecturer at Jesuitas Pamplona primary school apart from other voluntary work as a referee at FLL (First Lego League) and staff in CanSat event.

Currently, he has started a PhD in contactless haptic technologies within UPNALAB HCI (Human-Computer-Interaction) research group for the Public University of Navarre. He is also a member of the TOUCHLESS project (Touchless Haptic Experience with Neurocognitive AI) funded by the EU H2020 program. And lately but not less importantly, he is a collaborator teacher in Sistemas Multimedia and Informática subjects.