UpnaLab: Future Interactive Devices

We are a research group based on the Public University of Navarre (Spain, Pamplona). We combine cutting edge technology to create the most innovative interactive devices.


  • Curiosity Driven: Deep inside, curiosity is the main drive. Our reason for doing research is to see what nobody has seen before.
  • Pragmatic Multidisciplinarity: Computer Science, Chemistry, Electronics, Optics or Acoustics are all tools that you need to exploit to realize the most innovative ideas.
  • Demos and Open Science: We share how to build new devices through videos, instructions and demos.


  • Acoustic Levitation and Directional Audio
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Volumetric Displays
  • Sensors for HCI: Microwave, Infrared and many other types
  • Creativity Technologies

How do We Evaluate a Project?

A good project should be Cool, Novel or Useful. Ideally, all of those.

  • It is 10x cheaper, faster or accurate than previous approaches.
  • You cannot find it in Instructables, Alibaba or Hackaday.
  • It would WoW 90% of the audience in a public exhibition.