UpnaLab: Future Interactive Devices

We are a research group based on the Public University of Navarre (Spain, Pamplona). We combine cutting edge technology to create the most innovative interactive devices.

Upnalab members outside their lab (ⒸDiario de Navarra 2021)
PhDs at the lab (ⒸDiario de Navarra 2021)


  • Curiosity Driven: Deep inside, curiosity is the main drive. Our reason for doing research is to see what nobody has seen before.
  • Pragmatic Multidisciplinarity: Computer Science, Chemistry, Electronics, Optics or Acoustics are all tools that you need to exploit to realize the most innovative ideas.
  • Demos and Open Science: We share how to build new devices through videos, instructions and demos.


  • Acoustic Levitation and Directional Audio
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Volumetric Displays
  • Sensors for HCI: Microwave, Infrared and many other types
  • Creativity Technologies