Sonia is a PhD student focused on the development of Machine Learning models inspired in neurocognitive science.
She studied Computer Engineering with a specialization in Computing and Intelligent Systems (2019) and a master’s degree in Computer Engineering (2021) at Universidad Pública de Navarra (Spain). She finished her degree at Politecnico di Torino (Italy) with an Erasmus+ Scholarship.
During her studies, she collaborated with the research group GIARA in applications of the gradient algorithm for image border detection (2017-2018) and new techniques for data clustering (2019-2020). She also worked as project assistant for UpnaLab research group (2020) simulating tomographic displays.
Aware of the gender gap in technical fields such as her own, she is a scientific communicator and STEM mentor. Currently, she is engaged in “Cátedra Mujer, Ciencia y Tecnología” leading projects to inspire and promote scientific careers among high-school students. She is a staff member of Navarra LAN Party, an annual event for tech lovers.