Asier Marzo has a PhD in Computer Science from the Public University of Navarra, where he researches and teaches. During his PhD he worked in serious games, augmented reality and acoustic levitation. He has participated in several national and international projects. He has publications in high-impact journals (e.g. Nature Communications, Physical Review Letters and PNAS) as well as articles in conferences A* (CHI, UIST, Multimedia and ISMAR). He was awarded the prize for the best academic experient in 2007, got a predoctoral fellowship from the Government of Navarra, and worked as a postdoc at the University of Bristol (United Kingdom). Currently his research focuses on using sound and light to manipulate matter as well as using cutting edge technology to create novel interactive devices.
His works have appeared in various TV programs (BBC, Antena 3, EiTB) and in numerous science and technology blogs (Microsiervos, Hackaday, TEDx, Instructables, IFL). One of its main objectives is to make research more accessible through the dissemination in workshops, talks and Do-it-yourself sites.