Collocated Virtual Reality and Real-World Games using Wearables

We presented the following demo at the CHI PLAY ’19 conference in Barcelona:

“Virtual Reality (VR) gaming environments can recreate dangerous or even physically impossible situations in an immersive way. However, VR players are isolated from the real world and the experience lacks some features compared to real games, i.e. the physicality of touching objects or other players. Furthermore, in traditional VR gaming, VR players cannot interact with real world (RW) players. Here, we are exploring how to collocate VR and RW players to play simultaneously in the same physical space using wearable touch-sensitive patches that can be attached to objects, walls or players and serve as a nexus between both players. We present the design of a gaming system, two games mechanics supported by it and a preliminary user evaluation to assess in which way physicality was enhanced.”