SliceView: content for a multiview afordable display

Oct 11, 2020

We present SliceView, a simple and inexpensive multi-view display made with multiple parallel translucent sheets that sit on top of a regular monitor; each sheet reflects different 2D images that are perceived cumulatively.

A technical study is performed on the reflected and transmitted light for sheets of different thicknesses. A user study compares SliceView with a commercial light-field display (LookingGlass) regarding the perception of information at multiple depths. More importantly, we present automatic adaptations of existing content to SliceView: 2D layered graphics such as retro-games or painting tools, movies and subtitles, and regular 3D scenes with multiple clipping z-planes.

We show that it is possible to create an inexpensive multi-view display and automatically adapt content for it; moreover, the depth perception on some tasks is superior to the one obtained in a commercial light-field display.

We hope that this work stimulates more research and applications with multi-view displays.

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title={Content adaptation and depth perception in an affordable multi-view display},
author={Ezcurdia, I{\~n}igo and Arregui, Adriana and Ardaiz, Oscar and Ortiz, Amalia and Marzo, Asier},
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Ezcurdia, I., Arregui, A., Ardaiz, O., Ortiz, A., & Marzo, A. (2020). Content adaptation and depth perception in an affordable multi-view display. Applied Sciences, 10(20), 7357.