Explouring Mountains with Tangibles and VR

We presented the following demo in congreso Interacción’19 in San Sebastian.

“Immersive virtual reality environments allow interaction through generic devices with specific characteristics of such environments: three-dimensional interaction devices or wearable devices without cables. But the sensation of immersion is often diminished by the minimal feedback obtained from the virtual environment, for which haptic devices of different characteristics have been developed. However, these devices do not produce the sensation of touch of a physical object. In our project we create physical objects with tangible surfaces that are interactive in a virtual reality environment.
We have implemented two examples applications: in the first one we have placed in physical space real objects that correspond to virtual objects in a similar position in the virtual space, the user can move through the physical space which corresponds to the virtual space and can touch the physical objects that also exist in the virtual space. In the second we have created a physical reproduction of a mountain by 3D printing, through the interaction with capacitive sensors in the physical object we can navigate through a virtual space in which the same mountain is visualized in 3D.”